A dialogue on social transformative theory and practice: Finding a way forward to collaboration

Vagner Dos Santos (Presenter), Aline Godoy, Héloïse Poulain, Helene Clavreu, Ryan Lavalley

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The profession of occupational therapy and the discipline of occupation science are interested in addressing social, economic, and political systems that create injustices. However, theoretical and practical tools to support this work are disparate and variable; thus, an international dialogue is welcome to find collaborative ways forward. This dialogical session is an action of a workgroup interested in examing and celebrating global approaches in social transformative practice and theory with scholars based in Australia, Brazil, France, Belgium and the United States. Purpose of the session: The aims of this session are threefold: (i) to identify global practices on social transformation through occupation, (ii) to situate practices in geo-sociopolitical contexts and the resources required, and (iii) facilitate opportunities for international collaboration to discuss, imagine, and develop this (re)emerging area of practice. Structure and method of participant engagement: Participants will be invited to introduce themself briefly and explain why social transformation is relevant for them (as a concept/idea and practice, as citizens and professionals). Then, in small groups of 3-4 participants, they will discuss notions/concepts and resources used in their practice and the differences across multiple geo-sociopolitical contexts. Then they will be invited to share the similarities and the specificities of each experience/context and how they envision a possible collaboration network. Two discussion questions or themes: What are the needs/social issues you aim to address through the use of an occupation-based approach? What are the resources/tools (e.g. theory, staff, money) used/required to promote social change in your context?
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 18 Aug 2022
EventInaugural World Occupational Science Conference - Vancouver, Canada
Duration: 18 Aug 202220 Aug 2022


ConferenceInaugural World Occupational Science Conference
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