A school-university teacher education partnership: Reconceptualising reciprocity of learning

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As initial teacher education students transition to the profession, the experiences offered by the university and partner institutions require intentional, careful, and strategic planning, to ensure positive relational, organisational, and pedagogical experiences for all stakeholders(Lynch & Smith, 2012; Moss, 2008). To minimise the tensions between the theoretical positioning of the university and the practicality of the classroom, respectful and collaborative partnerships need to be central to the design and facilitation of professional experience programmes (Lynch & Smith, 2012). The ‘Hub’ is a longitudinal research and practice partnership between a NSW regional university with Initial Teacher Education (ITE)programmes, and a local, multi-campus secondary College. This paper describes the outcomes of one collaboratively designed initiative of the project: evaluating a team teaching approach in the Bachelor of Education degree. Survey and interview data were gathered from all key stakeholders regarding the efficacy of the ‘teaming’ of academics and teachers to facilitate workshops in professional experience subjects. Survey data were statistically analysed, while thematic analysis was applied to qualitative artefacts. Results of the initial pilot indicate significant value-adding to the professional experience subjects, particularly flagging students increased readiness for employability. Reciprocally, the school teachers indicated their increased understandings of the preparedness of ITE students to engage in professional experience, their heightened capacity to reflect on practice, and enhancement of their leadership and mentoring skills.
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JournalJournal of Teaching and Learning for Graduate Employability
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 03 May 2019


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