Anarchy Bureau

James Holcombe (Artist)

    Research output: Non-textual outputs, including Creative WorksCreative Works - Recorded or Rendered works


    Anarchy Bureau is an analogue LP (Long Playing record) album of original songs, which were written and performed by Jamie Holcombe, who also recorded and mixed all the tracks. The gatefold album artwork, designed by Jamie Holcombe, features original photography from his ongoing Civic Malaise project which will culminate in a major solo photographic exhibition in 2015. Three songs from the album were shortlisted for the Australian Songwriters Association National Songwriting Awards in 2014.The work contributes to the field of Performing Arts and Creative writing and, within that, Music Composition. The body of creative work consists of 45 minutes of audio in the form 11 original songs that were all written by Jamie Holcombe. With the exception of a small number of contributors (acknowledged on the album cover) who played single accompanying instruments on a minority of these songs, Jamie Holcombe performed all vocals and played all instruments.The music is professionally produced and pressed as a 12 inch LP analogue vinyl record. Jamie Holcombe recorded the individual tracks and mixed the final album. The LP is presented in a gatefold cover that was designed by Jamie Holcombe. The cover design features photographs from Jamie Holcombe's Civic Melancholy as well as his forthcoming Civic Malaise exhibition. The cover also publishes the original song lyrics, which investigate poetic aesthetics in contemporary discourse relating to melancholy in artistic expression.This body of original creative work makes a creative and theoretical contribution to the concept of melancholy in art. It uses social commentary to make a subjective conceptual statement in a cultural context. The title is a deliberate paradox that reflects an irony in Jamie Holcombe's song writing, which relates directly to his fine art research into melancholy in the photograph. As such this body of work seeks synergies between photographic practice and music composition.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationJamie Holcombe
    PublisherJamie Holcombe
    Media of outputCD
    Size45 minutes of analogue recorded audio
    Publication statusPublished - 2014


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