Another Year

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Apology' is the first of two poems in a highly experimental portfolio. 'Apology' and 'Another Year' together consider the question of how poetic voice can establish itself both 'high'and 'low'register at the same time, taking into account the intractable situation of those live in marginal parts of the a city (in this case Sydney). By presenting and celebrating the detritus of popular culture, the off cuts of urban existence, these poems attempt to offer a certain framework for a phenomenological evaluation of some aspects of modern life. Using the Herald's reviews of Tetsuya's restaurant to wrap 'four bucks worth of hot chips'is indicative of this mood that sees the world through the lens of popular culture and vast disparities of wealth.
Original languageEnglish
Type1 poem, the first part of a portfolio of two poems, published in Total Cardboard: Number Seven.
Place of Publicationonline
Publication statusPublished - 2005


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