Apocalyptic good news: Christ in the cosmos

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    Remarkable studies in the New Testament have recovered the fact that the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, was apocalyptic good news--God's redemptive action within history.
    Today, for more and more people, the sheer scope of an evolutionary universe renders life on Earth as utterly insignificant, religion as nothing more than superstition. And now, in the Anthropocene, we on the pale blue dot live in an apocalyptic age in which cataclysmic issue after cataclysmic issue threaten the future of the planet.
    The faith of the early church was in an apocalyptic cosmic Christ unleashing within history God's good news of a new creation. Set within the world as we now know it, this gives meaning to the cosmos and life wherever it is found around any star.
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    Place of PublicationEugene, Oregon, USA
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    ISBN (Print)9781532690266, 9781532690273
    Publication statusPublished - 13 Jun 2019


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