Assessment and Management of Compost Bedded-Pack Barns

Andrew Lean, Allan Gunn, Jane Quinn, Helen Golder, Ian Lean

Research output: Other contribution to conferencePresentation only


Housed cattle in Australia are rapidly becoming an increasingly important component of the dairy industry. Keeping up with innovations in this area are essential for veterinarians. Compost bedded pack barns are an increasingly popular form of dairy cattle housing in Australia. They are a ‘free roam’ style housing designed to increase animal welfare by lowering lameness, allowing easier more comfortable laying areas and normal behaviours to be expressed.
These barns house cows on an organic material bedding that is microbially active and ever-changing meaning that management of the bedding is essential for maintaining production, health and welfare. An understanding of these systems is essential for veterinarians assisting with health and production outcomes in these systems. When managed correctly this bedding provides a fantastic soft dry comfortable base for cattle to play and rest. How can we assist farmers to manage the bed and avoid the pitfalls that can occur in these systems?
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2024
EventAustralian Cattle Veterinarian Conference - Cube, Wodonga, Australia
Duration: 18 Mar 202420 Mar 2024


ConferenceAustralian Cattle Veterinarian Conference
Abbreviated titleThe Next Level


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