Assessment and microbial enhancement of dairy compost-bedded pack barns

Andrew Lean, Jane Quinn, Allan Gunn, Helen Golder, Ian Lean

Research output: Other contribution to conferencePresentation only


Compost is increasingly being used a bedding substrate for cattle, in Australia. There are logistical problems associated with maintaining hygienic housing conditions during cold and wet conditions.
A commercially available microbial and enzymatic product (ManurePro©) is being tested for effectiveness at improving the ability of the pack to compost. An exposure study of the product is being performed on five Australian compost bedded pack barns (CPB). The trial periods are during the winter, when maintaining the quality of the bedding pack is most challenging due to the relatively colder and wetter conditions.
Pack areas are examined and measurements performed at the same time every second day over a 5 week period. Compost temperature and moisture at 15-25cm depth, wind speed, ammonia level and cow density over a 2hour time period are measured. Weather conditions, and cattle health and production data are recorded during this period.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2023


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