Balancing technology with touch: implications for simulated electronic health records

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Incorporating simulated electronic health records into nursing education is vital for equipping the most extensive segment of healthcare professionals. This technology is ubiquitous in modern healthcare, necessitating that nurses are proficient not only in their use but also in establishing and maintaining a therapeutic relationship with patient while utilising these systems.
Our study seeks to assess the effectiveness of a novel curriculum that melds simulated electronic health records education into a conventional Objective Structured Clinical Examination setting. The goal is to assess nursing students' competency in both patient document creation and communication skills during a simulated patient encounter using simulation electronic health records software.
An OSCE station was designed, featuring a simulated patient chart within our institution's simulated electronic health records platform. Nursing students will not have access to any specific patient data prior to the assessment. During the OSCE, students will interact with standardised patients, using the simulated electronic health records platform to verify allergies and medications, and complete an electronic patient note. The performance will be evaluated for both communication and nursing skills.
Anticipated Results:
It is expected the deployment of the simulated electronic health records platform, will significantly enhance student communication skills that incorporate the use of technology at the bedside. Students are expected to demonstrate a balanced use of the simulated electronic health records platform while maintaining a focus on patient concerns, even during emotionally sensitive moments. It is predicted that there will be a notable increase in confidence using technology, with improved therapeutic communication skills and more efficient and accurate patient note documentation.
Implementing education on a simulated electronic health record platform within nursing education through OSCE stations is anticipated to substantially improve student competencies. Students' ability to utilise this technology without compromising the nurse-patient therapeutic relationship will be honed. This study's anticipated outcomes could significantly influence the approach to nursing education, emphasising the importance of electronic health records proficiency in clinical practice.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 06 Feb 2024
EventPort Poster Muster - Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia
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