Bloody (con)Texts

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This essay deals with three horizons of “bloody texts.” First, the essay reviews previous attempts at contextual theology (e.g., Tillich, Niebuhr, Bevans, Gutierrez, Freire, Townes, Grant, Pattel-Grey, Althaus-Reid, et al.) and contextual hermeneutics (e.g., Ahn, Tolbert, Segovia, Bailey, Liew, Brenner, Patte, West, et al.) and their presumptions about context. How do they imagine the context? Do contextual theologians and critics fully appreciate the text, wisdom and grace (of the people) in the context? Or do they privilege their “bloody foreign texts”? Second, a similar query will be extended to this collection. How do the essays relate to one another? How do they situate with previous (discussed in first section) contextual attempts? Which “bloody texts” do the contributors to this collection favour? Third, looking forward, What “bloody texts” in/of Australia and Pasifika invite theological and biblical engagements? At all three horizons, special attention will be given to orality, black bodies and blackfella wisdom. These are “bloody texts” that are ignored and sometimes condemned by mainline contextual critics.
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Title of host publicationTheological and Hermeneutical Explorations from Australia
Subtitle of host publicationHorizons of Contextuality
EditorsJione Havea
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Publication statusPublished - 12 Nov 2020

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NameDecolonizing Theology


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