Boosting pest biocontrol using caffeine-fuelled beneficial insects

A. Molyneux, L. Schmidtke, J. Liu, G. Gurr

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Poster depicts the intended research using pictures and text that provide a background and suggested methodology for the research hypothesis.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 12 Nov 2023
EventThe Australian Entomological Society's 54th Annual General Meeting & Scientific Conference - Albany Entertainment Centre, Albany, Australia
Duration: 12 Nov 202316 Nov 2023 (Handbook with abstracts)


ConferenceThe Australian Entomological Society's 54th Annual General Meeting & Scientific Conference
Abbreviated titleMegadiversity
OtherThe Australian Entomological Society (AES) conference organising committee would like
to welcome you to the 2023 conference in regional Western Australia, in the beautiful
coastal town of Albany, this 13–15th November.
The Albany area is also known as boodja (country) of the traditional Menang-Noongar
people. The Menang people called it Kinjarling or ‘place of rain’ and evidence of
Aboriginal presence in the area dates back to more than 25,000 years, including
traditional fish traps (>7,500 years old) which can still be seen in Oyster Harbour, east
of Albany.
Albany is Western Australia’s oldest European settlement (1826) and Darwin’s last stop
from 6–13th March 1836 before leaving Australia, where he infamously declared that
“Since leaving England I do not think we have visited any one place so very dull &
uninteresting”. Darwin, however, hadn’t scratched the surface with his few days of
autumn collecting around Albany as, since then, an amazing floral diversity has been
uncovered and much of the southwest’s insect diversity remains yet to be described. The
extent of the diversity in the region prompted its inclusion in Myer et al.’s (2000) original
25 global biodiversity hotspots.
Thus, this year’s theme of Megadiversity is appropriate for both the region, and
invertebrates more generally. We envision that many presentations will attest to the
invertebrate megadiversity from the southwest, and beyond. We are thrilled that so
many people wanted to join us in Albany, with this year's face-to-face conference
marking four years since the last before the pandemic (in Brisbane 2019) and 13 years
since the last Western Australian conference. It is a fitting backdrop of spectacular spring
scenery and taxonomic diversity in which to celebrate entomology.
With 171 official registrants and several distinguished guests, we hope that you have a
fantastic conference full of collaboration and networking discussions!
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