Clinico-pathological study of contagious Caprine Pleuropneumonia (CCPP) in small ruminants

U. Sadique, Z. I. Chaudhry, M. Younus, A. A. Anjum, M. Idrees, Muhammad Qureshi, A. Sajid, Z U. Hassan, M. Mushtaq Subtain

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This study was conducted to determine clinico-pathological manifestation of contagious Caprine pleuropneumonia(CCPP) in field outbreak in Kyber Pakhtunkhwa. A total of 120 samples were collected from goats exhibiting clinicalsigns of pneumonia suspected for CCPP during disease out break in field in different regions [northern (NR), central(CR) and southern(SR)] of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. All physical and clinical parameters of animals wereexamined and detail observations were documented. The predominant clinical findings include pyrexia (NR 80%, CN83%, SR 69%), cough (NR 78%, CN 70%, SR 72%), excessive lacremation (NR 70%, CN 72%, SR 69%), nasaldischarges catarrhal initially turned into mucopurulent in the advance stage, unilateral and bilateral conjunctivitis withcorneal opacity, dysponia, abduction of the elbow and diarrhea. The majority (83 %) of animals presented pathologicallesions in the form of consolidation (NR 83%, CN 87%, and SR 79%) and marbled appearance of lungs withfibrinopurulent membrane on pleural surface. Straw colored pleural fluid was present in pleural cavity with pleuraladhesion (NR 39%, CN 43%, SR 51%), hydro pericardial fluid in pericardial sac, necrotic foci on surface of the liver andpus in the pelvis of kidneys. Microscopic lesions characteristic of CCPP i.e., pulmonary emphysema, atelactasis andthickening of interlobular septa were found in almost all cases. Widespread lesions in different organs of the infectedanimals and the septicemic nature of the disease suggest Mycoplasma mycoides Capri (Mmc) is the causative agent ofCCPP.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationInternational Workshop on Dairy Science Park (IW-DSP)
EditorsM Subhan Qureshi
Place of PublicationPakistan
PublisherKhyber Pakhtunkhwa Agricultural University
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 2012
EventThe Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences - Peshawar, Pakistan, Pakistan
Duration: 21 Nov 201123 Nov 2011

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ISSN (Print)1018-7081


WorkshopThe Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences


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