Co-Director Australian International Animation Festival 2013

Andrew Hagan (Director)

Research output: Non-textual outputs, including Creative WorksCreative Works - Curation of Exhibition/Event/Festival


Toured in a compact format to other major cities funded by other promoters.The Australian International Animation Festival 2013 featured a celebrated collection of the world's finest animation for its landmark 10th Anniversary. The festival secured amazing exclusives from more than 2,350 submissions from over 30 countries. The range of styles, genres and techniques is testament to the vibrancy and relevance of creative animation. The International Competition programs were made up of an eclectic mix of films and offered audiences a complete, up-to-date snapshot of the international creative animation scene. In addition to these were programs was an exclusive screening of 'A Liar's Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman', the first stereoscopic film to play at the festival, introduced by Phil Henderson whose 'The Other Fish' won the film's pre-publicity competition. Furthermore, there were special children's shows, Animation Xcess, and a broad representation of national filmmakers introducing the Australian Showcase. LoopdeLoop founder Neil Saunders provided a personal insight into how the project was developed and how it became a worldwide phenomenon. Isobel Peppard detailed the painstaking creative process behind the internationally acclaimed 'Butterflies' and granted unprecedented access to the stop-motion stars of her award-winning film. Daryl Munton from the Lampshade Collective spoke about their first film 'Nullarbor', one of the most screened and successful short animated films ever made in Australia, and previewed the 'The Gallant Captain', a stunning adaptation of a Graeme Base book. As co-director, producer and editor for the event, I organised the venue, technical duties and marketing for the evening. The festival premiered on Friday 10th May to Sunday 12th May, 2013 at the Forum 6 Cinema, Wagga Wagga. The success of the event secured Wagga playing host to AIAF in 2014. This event
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationForum 6 Cinema, 77 Trail Street, Wagga Wagga, NSW, 2650
SizeCurated Animation Festival
Publication statusPublished - 2013
EventAustralian International Animation Festival 2013 -
Duration: 10 May 201312 May 2013


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