Building a Community Pollinator Garden supports bees, birds and butterflies to fulfil their vital role in pollinating the plants that provide our food and make up our ecosystem. Collaborating as a research team with volunteers and wider stakeholder groups on such a creative project produces a dynamic range of experiences and artefacts. To capture the meaning of these experiences and using the collaborative ethnography methodology (May & Pattillo-McCoy, 2000), this study investigates the research question How do stakeholders experience creating a Community Pollinator Garden? The emerging key artefacts and collected data include personal milestone journals, jointly developed radio scripts, interviews, and a portfolio of photographs and video footage of the physical components of the garden as it evolves. Using a collaborative research approach, we explore the emerging pieces of evidence and co-create a narrative around the experiences of the individuals and the collective.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 02 Dec 2021
EventGrounded Theory - CSU Special Interest Group -
Duration: 02 Dec 202102 Dec 2021


SeminarGrounded Theory - CSU Special Interest Group


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