Desert Night

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Title of Work: Desert nightReference: Thompson, J. (2003) Desert night. In Grover, P. & Lumley, K. (Eds.) Studio: A journal of Christians writing (p.23).Albury, NSW: Studio. ISSN:0729-4042.Research BackgroundPoetry. This poem is an exploration of the dynamic relationship between geography and identity as expressed in the body of the artist. The poem is written in blank verse to avoid the trite conclusions of rhyme. The images of the body are drawn from the desert and from the cultural memories of explorations and colonial frontiers. It is a love poem that casts ageing as a weathering and etching of secrets on the skin of the lover. Research Contribution All creative work is innovative being as it is the synthesis of experience, language, written text, form and expression. What is significant about this exploration is that it appears in a post colonial Christian literary journal perhaps challenging notions of spirituality being asexual. Research SignificanceThe Studio journal is a peer reviewed literary publication that has two issues per year. It has been producing poetry for an international audience for twenty nine years. The journal includes poetry, prose, and book reviews and provides a Young Writer's Scholarship and website support for writers and developing artists. This poem was selected for reprinting in the Best of Studio 1-100 Edition, published in 2005, for the silver anniversary of the Journal.As part of the Charles Sturt University Course Plan, staff is encouraged to 'consolidate the profile of disciplines and fields of study in order to improve the depth of staffing and resources.' Creative arts practice, as a research and teaching strength of my professional profile, is important to the teaching of literacy and literature subjects within the School of Education. It is important to teach writing skills from the perspective of a practitioner.
Original languageEnglish
Type1 x poem in peer reviewed journal
PublisherStudio Journal
Place of PublicationAlbury, NSW, Australia
Publication statusPublished - 2003

Publication series

NameStudio: A journal of Christians writing

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