Determining localisation metrics

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Assisting those wanting to explore localisation as a transformative sustainability strategy, this article provides the results of interviews with six localisation experts to determine localisation metrics. The interviews aimed to determine localisation qualities that should be captured for localisation measurement, and/or metrics that might be used to measure these. The shared expert belief and opinion regarding these metrics and qualities was expanded using writings by these and other experts. The formed metric set includes: (1) resource self-reliance; (2) resource dependence; (3) social health; (4) environmental damage/impact; (5) localisation type/governance participation; and (6) control and ownership of resources, land, assets and business. These metrics may be used to determine how localised a community, region, or country is, and to form localisation indexes. This article describes the formation of the metric set, and may assist clarification of localisation understandings by enabling measurement.
Original languageEnglish
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Number of pages21
JournalSocial Indicators Research
Issue number2
Early online dateFeb 2016
Publication statusPublished - 01 Mar 2017


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