Developing an information paradigm approach to build and support the home-school nexus

Lynette Hay

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    6. Student Internet usage ina networked school community: the challenge -- 17. Student assessment and digital futures: how shall we know them? -- 18. Student health and welfare in networked school communities -- Pt D Implementation 19. Implementing the shift -- 20. Conclusion: the journey continues.In the 20th century, school was the place you went to learn; in the 21st century, because of digital technologies, children learn things at home which they don't or aren't allowed to at school. This makes the relationship between school, home and the community even more important than previously. Schools need to recognise this and use it to advantage. Schools, educational leaders and bureaucrats need to overcome their fear of digital technologies and embrace the challenge and opportunities.This book is the first major work which defines and explores the concept of the Networked School Community and details the challenges and opportunities of its implementation from the perspective of the system, the school, the teacher, the student, the home, and the parent. Pt A The digital and networked world 1. The challenge: developing a networked mode of schooling -- 2. The networked school communities today -- Pt B The home-school scene today 3. Schools and the digital technology: an overview -- 4. Homes and the digital technology: a home-school difference or digital divide? -- 5. The learning in the home: importance and implications -- Pt C The networked school community: the opportunities 6. The rationale -- 7. Financing the networked school community: building upon the home -- 8. Networked school communities: possible nature, organisation and leadership -- 9. Developing an information paradigm approach to build and support the home-school nexus -- 10. Collaboration in the development of twenty-first learning: reality or dream? -- 11. Parent perspectives on the digital home-school nexus -- 12. UK Home Access program: a case study -- 13. Teaching and learning opportunities: possibilities and practical ideas -- 14. Teacher readiness: TPACK capabilities and redesigning working conditions -- 15. Middle school students and digital technology use: implications from research -- 1
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationDeveloping a networked school community
    Subtitle of host publicationA guide to realising the vision
    EditorsMal Lee, Glenn Finger
    Place of PublicationCamberwell, Vic
    PublisherACER Press
    Number of pages16
    ISBN (Print)9780864319814
    Publication statusPublished - 2010


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