Development of an online antimicrobial stewardship training program for veterinarians: A national collaborative effort

Jacqueline M. Norris, Jane Heller, Justine Gibson, Laura Hardefeldt, T Hyndman, Torben Nielsen, Michael Ward, Merran Govendir, Paul Chambers, Glenn Browning, Darren Trott, Jacqueline Picard, Sarah Britton

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An online Veterinary Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) training program was developed with the aim of assisting veterinarians to reduce and rationalise their use of antimicrobial agents in clinical practice, to address the spread
of antimicrobial resistance. This was a collaborative project, with representation from all eight Australian and New Zealand Veterinary Schools, supported by the Veterinary Schools of Australia and New Zealand (VSANZ) and funded by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.
A panel was created, consisting of academics with expertise in veterinary microbiology, pharmacology, epidemiology, public health and clinical practice. Resources were developed by the panel that were integrated within an interactive online system (B Online Learning Systems) allowing scenario-centred learning for veterinarians across all areas of practice.
The modules that were developed cover the following topics:
Module A: Antimicrobial resistance as a societal problem.
Module B: How does antimicrobial resistance develop?
Module C: How do antibiotics work and what is their relative importance?
Module D: Biosecurity and infection control in veterinary clinical practice – how do we stop transmission?
Module E: What evidence supports the diagnosis of a bacterial infection?
Module F: Drug selection and regimen – which drug is best for the patient and society?
Module G: Implementing an antimicrobial stewardship program in your practice.
The training programme has a release date of 30th June, 2018 and will be based on a Moodle® learning management system. Uptake and impact of the program will be evaluated after its release. Active collaboration between academics across all veterinary schools in Australia and New Zealand, producing post-graduate teaching material in an area that requires strong veterinary engagement represents a unique outcome.
Providing consistent teaching of critical concepts to veterinarians in practice is a model that could be expanded to other areas. A learner-centred, clinically focused resource available to graduates, provides the necessary tools and
processes for practitioners to instigate significant practical and cultural change in the veterinary use of antimicrobial agents.
Key Antimicrobial Stewardship Message
Collaborative teaching of antimicrobial stewardship allows consistent strong messaging for all veterinary prescribers.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2018
EventAustralian Veterinary Antimicrobial Stewardship Conference 2018 - Sunshine Coast, Australia
Duration: 11 Nov 201813 Nov 2018


ConferenceAustralian Veterinary Antimicrobial Stewardship Conference 2018
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