Differentiating beyond classroom walls

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    For many years, gifted education has been guided by a number of models of gifted and talented development that provide frameworks for programs and provisions, and suggest focus areas of need to address (eg Gagne, 2009, Silverman, 1989; Sternberg, 1985; Renzulli, 1976, 1977; Tannenbaum, 1983; Tomlinson, 1999, 2004) and there are many sources of ideas, strategies, hints and examples to support the quality teaching of gifted learners. All of these provided a great deal of content for the classroom teacher committed to best practice for gifted learners. Over a number of decades now awareness has been raised and change has some about.
    However, this presentation raises a provocation. What if classroom differentiation only scratches the surface? Is it enough to report that classrooms are differentiated, without considering the whole of school setting?
    Over many years of working in schools, in community settings, in higher education and with gifted learners and their families my attention has been drawn to a bigger picture. There have been many opportunities to collaborate – crossing the fence lines of school, university, community groups to develop partnerships that offer authentic and challenging learning for gifted students. The collective wisdom gained from working together brings opportunities for creative thinking, knowledge production, surprising discoveries.
    In a thought experiment, I will explore what whole of school differentiation might look like, and challenge current practice. We will consider the systemic approach towards gifted education suggested by Ziegler and Stoeger (2012) in the context of the whole school. We will explore the potential of collaborative connections between educators and the community to impact on our gifted learners and their talent development. It may be a fantastical concept – and perhaps the realities of school now may be challenges that appear monumental. But it may also help us to take the next steps in creating school environments that provide a long term differentiated learning opportunity for gifted students.
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    Publication statusPublished - 27 May 2019
    EventIgnite the Spark, Fuel the Fire
    : Collaboration for Differentiation
    - University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
    Duration: 27 May 201927 May 2019
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    ConferenceIgnite the Spark, Fuel the Fire
    Abbreviated titleDifferentiating Education for Gifted Students
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