Financial crime in Canada remains a mystery: omnipresent, but we know little about its operation. Transactions are cloaked with apparent legality, which makes tracking criminal activity through economic or financial statistics a complex undertaking. A web of clandestine processes disguises its scale and location. As a result, financial crime is difficult to detect, disrupt, deter, and prosecute. This distinctive volume, authored by leading scholars and practitioners, opens the black box of financial crime in the Canadian federation. Its findings will help to inhibit the in-, out-, and through-flows of vast sums of dirty money by enhancing the capacity to investigate and prosecute financial criminals. With a primary focus on money laundering, Canada: The State of the Federation 2022 identifies federal and provincial trends - including regulatory, legislative, political, institutional, and enforcement trends - that have inadvertently enabled the proliferation of this illicit activity. Showcasing an array of the best multidisciplinary research and experience, the volume demystifies financial crime, thus raising the level of awareness and public debate. Contributors include Sanaa Ahmed, John Cassara, Garry Clement, Arthur J. Cockfield, Caroline Dugas, Jamie Ferrill, Cameron Field, Michelle Gallant, Peter German, Todd Hataley, Christian Leuprecht, David Mainmon, Katarzyna McNaughton, Denis Meunier, Pierre-Luc Pomerlau, Stephen Schneider, Pamela E. Simpson, and Jeffrey Simser.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherMcGill Queens University Press
Number of pages320
ISBN (Print)9781553394648
Publication statusPublished - 15 Dec 2022


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