"Don't Wake Up Angry No More": The Evaluation of the Norseman Voluntary Liquor Agreement

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On 1st of March 2008, at the request of the Norseman Aboriginal Community and following extensive consultation and negotiations with stakeholders and community members facilitated by the Drug and Alcohol Office (Department of Health, WA) and Population Health (Goldfields), the following voluntary restrictions were imposed on the sale of take away alcohol: Between 12 midday and 6pm, Monday to Sunday, red and white Lambrusco wine was limited to one 5 litre cask per person per day, port wine was limited to one 2 litre cask per person per day and non fortified wine was limited to one 4 litre cask per person per day. No sales of the above mentioned products were permitted at any other time. This report collates quantitative and qualitative data gathered from a number of sources to evaluate the effect of the restrictions including: alcohol-related emergency department and hospital admission data; alcohol related offences; alcohol sales data; and the views of community members and other key stakeholders about the restrictions.Key quantitative findings include:1. An overall 10.3% reduction in total police tasks attended in the 12 months after the restrictions from 165 tasks to 148.2. A 17.5% reduction in assaults from 40 cases to 33 and a 15.3% decrease in domestic violence incidences, from 46 cases to 39.3. A 19.5% increase in charges to random breath tests (RBTs) from 33 to 41 cases, attributed by the police to a change to more targeted testing of hotel patrons.4. A 60.5% decrease in the number of alcohol related hospital admissions from 38 to 15 admissions in the 12 months after the restrictions.5. A decrease in per capita consumption of alcohol of 9.84% from 21.39L to 19.29 L, with the majority of the decrease observed in cask red wine, fortified wine and RTDs.Key qualitative findings include the following self-reported behaviours:1. An increase in voluntary and early health care seeking behaviour (flu vaccine, regular blood glucose testing)2. Improvements in nutrition (eating breakfast and healthy home cooked food regularly, making financial arrangements for children's school lunches)3. An increase in participation in family, community and sporting activities 4. Attempts to become self reliant (seek employment, start up businesses, growing own food)5. A decreased in violence and arguments 6. A decrease in public drunkenness
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationPerth, WA
PublisherNational Drug Research Institute, Curtin University
Number of pages1
ISBN (Print)9780980705416
Publication statusPublished - 2010


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