Enhancing safety culture in radiology: Key practices and recommendations for sustainable excellence

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ObjectivesThis review aims to explore and thematically synthesize the existing literature on safety culture within the context of radiology. The primary objective is to identify key practices that effectively strengthen safety culture, highlighting the pivotal roles of leadership, effective teamwork, and interprofessional collaboration in these efforts. The review intends to showcase actionable recommendations that are particularly relevant to the radiology setting.Key findingsThe study highlights that effective leadership is fundamental in establishing and nurturing a safety-first approach within radiology departments. Key practices for promoting a safety culture include safety huddles, leadership walkarounds, quality learning boards, intentional patient rounding (frequent patient-care provider interactions), morbidity and mortality meetings, and multidisciplinary team rounds. These practices have been found to facilitate open communication and transparency, which are crucial elements in creating a sustainable safety culture. Additionally, the study underscores the significant role of radiology managers in driving these safety initiatives and acting as facilitators for a culture of safety, focused on long-term excellence and continuous improvement.ConclusionThe study concludes that a multifaceted and comprehensive approach is vital for fostering a safety culture in radiology departments, with a focus on sustainable excellence in patient care. The leadership role is critical in this process, with radiology managers being instrumental in implementing and maintaining effective safety practices.Implications for practiceThis study provides best practices for sustainable safety culture in radiology departments. It advocates for healthcare managers to adopt and integrate these identified practices into their operational strategies. Continuous professional development, focusing on safety and quality in patient care, and fostering a collaborative environment for open discussion and learning from safety incidents are essential for the continued advancement and excellence of healthcare services.
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Publication statusPublished - Jun 2024


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