Enlightening professional supervision in Social Work: Voices and virtues of supervisors

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This book is a response to the felt need of social work practitioners for professional supervision. Reflecting on the social work profession in the context of contemporary socio-economic and political challenges and wide-ranging organizational and practice settings, the book provides a voice for supervisors to share their experiences. Social workers often deal with difficult, undefined and unique human situations where there are no ready-made solutions or quick fixes. This constant and complex working process can cause stress, burnout and affect their quality of work and judgement if they are not supported appropriately and in a timely way. One such support to them is offering professional supervision to enhance their professional functioning and their quality of service. On the one hand, the narratives of experienced supervisors reveal critical dilemmas, core processes and content, expectations, issues posed, and concepts and theories employed in professional supervision, and on the other, the wisdom and qualities of supervisors. This book analyzes concepts and models employed by supervisors and the complex interaction of their qualities and wisdom that arise from their narratives. It underscores the supervisee's being through integrating the personal and professional self to deliver better quality services to people, agencies, and communities. The book argues that the current trends compel action for well thought through professional supervision for all who need it. Those interested in professional supervision – supervisees, practitioners, and supervisors – will benefit from reading this book. Enlightening Professional Supervision in Social Work: Voices and Virtues of Supervisors is the resource that both supervisors and practitioners need to create safe environments to carefully reflect, develop knowledge, sharpen skills and effectively engage in practice. It will improve services to clients and organizational service provision, and not only benefit both practitioners and supervisors in social work and human services, but also social work educators and students, social policy administrators as well as managers and trainers in the social services sector.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationCham, Switzerland
Number of pages262
ISBN (Electronic)9783031185410
ISBN (Print)9783031185403
Publication statusPublished - 2022

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