Espionage black book one: Intelligence databases explained

Henry Prunckun

Research output: Book/ReportBook


“Intelligence” is a word that conjures assorted notions of spying and espionage, secrets, and the world of covert gadgetry. Yet to some people, the word intelligence is closely associated with the Orwellian concept of “big brother”—a world of hard-ball politics and an uncompromising quest for power and influence. There is no doubt that intelligence work is associated with all these concepts. But as will be explained, intelligence in its lowest common denominator is no more than the use of sound qualitative and quantitative research methods. So, to support secret research, the intelligence database was created. This book discusses the construction of databases for secret research. Yet how do intelligence analysts construct these databases? What is the logic behind their structure? This book describes these and other methods relating to the construction of intelligence systems. In this way, readers can better understand intelligence databases.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationUnley, SA
PublisherBibliologica Press
Number of pages55
ISBN (Print)9780648509387
Publication statusPublished - 10 Nov 2020


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