Evaluation of the groundwater resources of Faisalabad, Pakistan, groundwater

Ghulam Hassan

Research output: ThesisMasters Thesis


This study was intended to evaluate various recharge components of
groundwater reservoir to estimate the long term average seasonal groundwater recharge of Rehna doab in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Another objective was to analyze the present status of waterlogging in Faisalabad city and to predict the future extent of it.
A regional water balance model for the Rechna doab was developed and applied
to estimate the long term seasonal recharge to groundwater reservoir. For comparison, recharge was also estimated by specific yield method from observed water levels. Modified Penman Method was used to calculate reference crop evapotranspiration from climatological data. A distributed-parameter aquifer simulation model was calibrated and utilized to predict the future response of waterlogging in Faisalabad city. Three different alternative schemes of pumping were tested and best pumping scheme was recommended for field application. Trends of changes in groundwater quality and their causes were identified and possible recommendations were proposed. Recharge estimated by the two methods was found to be in good agreement and it was concluded that on regional basis ground water reservoir was being depleted. The results predicted by simulation indicated that reduced pumpage in city would cause waterlogging. Groundwater quality was deteriorating with time especially in the city and main reason for this was the contamination of ground water by industrial and domestic wastes in city. As such, it was not suitable for domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes. Pumping scheme with proposed location of well field outside the city was found to be the “best” alternative.
Original languageEnglish
QualificationMaster of Engineering
Awarding Institution
  • Asian Institute of Technology
Award date20 Aug 1993
Place of PublicationThailand
Publication statusPublished - Aug 1993


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