Festival of the Dead

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    Festival of the Dead - Christopher Orchard - Research Statement for Peer Review of Creative Works.1. Research Background. - Field; The works make significant contributions across the fields of experimental audio and Gothic subculture and its subsequent place within regional Australia. The gothic subculture has often been thought of as an urban phenomenon however it is increasingly becoming less city-centric. - Context; The artist and curator is a member of the subcultures represented on the festival bill and as such has been researching the rise of the subculture within regional Australia for some years. Noticing a shift from being a strictly city-culture the curator embarked upon the creation of a festival which brought this a-typically urban sound to regional Australia to compare with the sounds coming from the region. - Research Question; Is it possible to host an internationally acclaimed alternative musical festival in regional Australia within a relatively marginalized group of subcultures, and how does the alternative music of regional Australia compare with international artists in the same genre.2. Research Contribution.The Curator drew four international musical acts including; The Berzerker (Industrial/Noizecore) from the UK, The Amenta (Industrial/Death Metal) from the UK, Akercocke (Black/Death Metal) from the UK and Fleshgore (Deathcore/Hardcore) from the Ukraine aswell as six Australian metal bands; Leicohtica (Black/Goth Metal), Nevetherym (Folk Metal), Mytile Vey Lorth (Death Metal), Sobrusion (Trad Metal), Diamorah (Goth Metal) and Heathen Ritual (Thrash Metal).Three of the Australian bands are from Wagga Wagga region (Leicohtica, Sobrusion & Diamorah) with the idea was to showcase huge international bands alongside local bands to compare and contrast music within the metal and gothic scenes from varied backgrounds. The festival itself saw several hundred individuals attend the Charles Sturt Unversity Crowbar from across Australia.The freceived airplay on national radio broadcaster Triple J, as well as television broadcast program JTV on ABC1. This festival was also discussed on Sky Channel 31 in England which is internationally simulcast. 3. Research Evidence.This work made a significant contribution to the understanding of the role of Gothic and Heavy-metal subculture within regional Australia due to its meshing of genre and its diversity of ethnic and musical backgrounds. The work allowed both professional and aspiring bands to be showcased to a large audience on an internationally advertised festival. Video taken from the event continues to inform people of the quality and conditioning of individuals from regional Australia within the varied sub-cultural groups.Please be aware the curator also performed at this event.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationWagga Wagga
    SizeCurator/band member, alternative music festival at CSU
    Publication statusPublished - 2007
    EventFestival of the Dead -
    Duration: 21 Oct 2007 → …


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