Fostering belongingness through serious leisure: How hobbies create communities of interests

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Over the past six years, I have studied how people engage in Serious Leisure pursuits, such as hobbies, volunteering, and amateurism. I researched various hobbies, including bonsai growing, knitting, birdwatching, and pottery. Among all the benefits of Serious Leisure, experiencing a sense of belonging is one of the primary purposes. Serious Leisure often brings people together and creates a strong sense of belonging to form communities of interest, crucial in enhancing our overall wellbeing. Belongingness is one of the building blocks that shape our identity and improve our eudaimonic wellbeing - to find pleasure, passion, and purpose in life. This sense plays an essential role in almost all hobbies and voluntary activities. Even in solitary or solo hobbies, when you can perform the activity alone, there is always a social element manifesting in forming clubs, societies, and associations, where people join and share their interests, experiences and achievements.
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Publication statusPublished - 18 Nov 2023
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Duration: 18 Nov 202318 Nov 2023


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