Gamification and conceptual framing: Creating PESTLE in a VUCA World

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While gamification within higher education practices is a complex issue, it can be used to create safe, stressless formative learning activities (Whitton & Langan, 2018). Previous research has shown that gamification is a valid mechanism to increase motivation and student engagement towards complex conceptual topics (Limantara, Hidayanto & Prabowo, 2019). Given this, the overall aim of the online game designed within this subject development was to introduce students to specific complex conceptual frame using a familiar and fun tool. In this Jenga-styled block game, students apply their knowledge of the PESTLE and VUCA factors in responding to the various business scenarios. One pulls a PESTLE block from the tower, considers the question that is posed, and drop the block in one of the VUCA drop zones. For each question there are several issues or solutions to consider, so one can play the game a few times to explore the concepts.
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Publication statusPublished - 15 Nov 2022
EventCSU EdX 2022 -
Duration: 14 Nov 202216 Nov 2022


ConferenceCSU EdX 2022
OtherCSEdX is a key professional learning event that celebrates best practices, explores our potential; and challenges us to provide every learner with a learning experience that is connected, relevant, thought-provoking, and future focussed.

It is the place where teaching academics can share and collaboratively learn about teaching practice: strategies, pedagogies, technologies, and approaches. The sessions offer the opportunity to explore ways to teach and to connect with peers to ‘talk teaching’.

It is the place to share the ways we improve our work through scholarly activity, bring discipline research into our teaching, and use student voices to guide teaching decisions.

CSEdX will drive innovative teaching and learning for 2023 because it offers an opportunity to bring together all staff who are connected to student learning: faculty academics and divisional staff who support the design of learning, or who lead student learning for 3 days of collective thinking and celebrating. It can be a flagship event at the university bringing together professional learning foci from across the year and shaping collective consideration of a conceptual direction for scholarly focus for the next 12 months- guiding the planning for what we need to be focussing on in teaching and scholarly activity for teaching.

The Charles Sturt EdX Conference is being held online in 2022.
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