How does geographical origin impact Chardonnay grape composition?

Joanna Gambetta, Susan EP Bastian, Christophe Cozzolino, David W. Jeffery

Research output: Other contribution to conferencePresentation only


DR JOANNA GAMBETTA, NATIONAL WINE & GRAPE INDUSTRY CENTRE, CHARLES STURT UNIVERSITY Joanna has studied in Peru, France and Australia, with a Master’s degree from Montpellier SupAgro in oenology and viticulture and a PhD in wine science from the University of Adelaide. Her PhD project focused on the determination of objective parameters to assess the quality of Chardonnay grapes, juice and wines. She works now at the National Wine & Grape Industry Centre at CSU, where she is pursuing her interest in the aroma composition of grapes and wines in relation to different abiotic stresses. Joanna’s presentation will focus on ‘origin’, which through differences in climate and vineyard characteristics influences vine phenology and modifies grape composition and quality. Knowing the specific composition of grapes sourced from different regions would allow the characterisation, authentication and valorisation of these regions. Thus, grapes from seven regions in South Australia were collected and analysed during 2015 and 2016 in order to explore the impact of origin on berry chemical composition. Basic parameters such as titratable acidity (TA), total soluble solids (TSS), pH were measured together with amino acids, elements and free and bound volatiles. It was found that 2-phenylethanol, benzyl alcohol, C6 compounds, Cu, Zn, and Mg, TA, TSS and pH were key to discriminating between grapes from different regions in South Australia. Climate, in particular through higher temperatures and precipitation were found to modulate the synthesis of free and bound volatiles as well as amino acids, sugars and acids. Presentation Title: “How does geographical origin impact Chardonnay grape composition?”
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2017
EventThe Adelaide Hills Soil Terroir Event 2017 - Shaw and Smith Winery, Adelaide, Australia
Duration: 16 Nov 201716 Nov 2017 (event information)


SeminarThe Adelaide Hills Soil Terroir Event 2017
OtherTerroir is a topic of great interest & controversy to the viticulture & fine wine community.  It comprises soil, climate & topography – being the influence a site or ‘place’ has on grapes & wine.  It is a major part of each wine’s story.  Come and hear experts in the field speak about terroir at this vineyard field day & forum in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.  Learn about terroir, how it affects grape & wine characteristics & distinctiveness, what opportunities it presents, and how it can become part of the story of every fine wine. Hosted by Soil Science Australia, the event features a morning field day discussing landscape formation, soil & vineyard management, and the meaning of soil characterisation investigations & data at excavated sites at Shaw & Smith’s Balhannah and Lenswood vineyards. The afternoon session includes a gourmet lunch, afternoon tea, and a seminar & forum at the Hahndorf Old Mill Hotel with expert speakers and a panel Q&A session.  Handout notes will be presented. For further event information, full program and booking see  For specific enquiries contact James Hall at This is an event for everyone interested in soils, landscapes, good land management, viticulture, wine making, wine marketing and fine wine.  It should be a great day!
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