Thomas Papathanassiou

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    Hummingbird' explores 'environment' told through the shared stories and histories of the performers. It is an intercultural work combining live music and dance by Aboriginal artist Lee West and Indian classical dancer Dawn Jackson (who uses Odissi & Kathak dance styles). Based on an original song by Lee West titled 'Hummingbird', this contemporary performance work draws its inspiration from the fearless hummingbird and the diverse skills and cultural backgrounds of the performers. Through verbal storytelling, music and dance 'Hummingbird' delights with originality and purpose discovering a new intimacy between Aboriginal and English/Australian cultures. Presented at Midland Junction Arts Centre, Perth, WA. Directed by Thomas Papathanassiou in collaboration with performers Dawn Jackson and Lee West. Costume design by Holly Boyton. Set design by Matt McVeigh. Lighting design by Joseph Mercurio. Season was 19th - 22nd January 2012. Seating capacity of 100. Show duration of 45 minutes.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationMidland Junction Arts Centre, Perth , Western Australia
    PublisherDawn Jackson
    SizeDirector, 45 min intercultural work combining live music & dance
    Publication statusPublished - 2012
    EventHummingbird -
    Duration: 19 Jan 201222 Jan 2012


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