Illthrift in suckling lambs attributed to lung pyogranuloma formation.

Nektarios D. Giadinis, Panayiotis Loukopoulos, Panagiotis Tsakos, Maria Kritsepi-Konstantinou, Eleni Kaldrymidou, Harilaos Karatzias

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A wide range of factors may cause or contribute to illthrift in suckling lambs. Chronic respiratory infections are recognised as a very important cause of retarded growth in lambs, one of them being lung abscessation, in which illthrift is attributed to toxaemia. Illthrift may also be a consequence of malnutrition, trace element deficiencies, cryptosporidiosis, coccidiosis, nephrosis, nematodirosis, footrot, polyarthritis and liver abscesses. This short communication describes a case of retarded growth in suckling lambs that was attributed to the presence of lung pyogranulomas secondary to tail docking.To date, the reported complications of tail docking are limited to behavioural changes and tetanus, and there is no published evidence that superficial infections noted around the elastrator ring give rise to bacteraemia and focal infections. From the present findings, tail docking may be implicated in the causation of lung pyogranulomas of combined bacterial and fungal aetiology resulting in reduced growth rate in lambs.
Original languageEnglish
Article number19767640
Pages (from-to)348-350
Number of pages3
JournalVeterinary Record
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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    Giadinis, N. D., Loukopoulos, P., Tsakos, P., Kritsepi-Konstantinou, M., Kaldrymidou, E., & Karatzias, H. (2009). Illthrift in suckling lambs attributed to lung pyogranuloma formation. Veterinary Record, 165(12), 348-350. [19767640].