Image acquisition in general radiography: The utilisation of DDR

Chris Maverick Hayre, Alison Eyden, Shane Blackman, Kevin Carlton

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This article explores image acquisition with DDR. General radiographic technology continues to advance therefore it remains paramount to continually reflect on DDR hardware and software amongst radiographers in an imaging modality that constitutes approximately 90% of all radiological examinations.


This article reports findings from a wider ethnographic study of two general radiography environments in the United Kingdom (UK). Participant observation and semi-structured interviews were the methods used to uncover original data.


Two key themes are discussed. Firstly, ‘the extent of DDR knowledge’ amongst radiographers is examined. The findings uncover that not all radiographers have an adequate knowledge base with DDR technology. Secondly, ‘pitfalls and near misses with DDR’ is discussed. This theme highlights the potential danger of radiographers ‘over-repeating’ X-ray examinations, coincided with the occurrence of radiological incidents whereby a patient is exposed to ionising radiation with no added benefit.


This paper concludes by challenging the current ‘skill base’ to operate DDR equipment. In addition, new pitfalls and near misses are highlighted, which may help forestall radiation incidents in the future. Dose and image optimisation remain central tenets to the role of the radiographer.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)147-152
Number of pages6
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 16 Jan 2017


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