Image compression with short-term visual encryption using the Burrow Wheeler transform and keyed transpose

J.H. Kong, K.P. Seng, L.S. Yeong, L.M. Ang

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    In some wireless sensor network image processing applications, visual data such as the surveillance imagery or video streaming might contain high commercial value but devalues over time. For such multimedia, the security requirement is usually low or just sufficient to disguise and protect the value of the payload for a short-term period. Multimedia compression is a necessity for these large-sized data and the unification of security and compression properties would greatly increase the practicality of the image processing algorithm. In this paper, we are presenting the image results of using the BWCA (Burrow Wheeler Compression Algorithm) on images with the proposed conditional transposition methodology (keyed transpose) for a short-term visual protection and the results for subjective metric perceptual assessment of the quality and the BWT effects on the images.
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    Publication statusPublished - 2012

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