Impact of legume crop-rotation on wheat protein composition and dough rheology

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Wheat, in the form of bread, is one of the critical sources of nutrients for the global population. The quality of wheat flour used for baking depends largely on the balanced composition and content of storage gluten proteins, gliadins and glutenins. Polymeric glutenins offer elasticity and strength to the dough, while gliadins aid in extensibility and viscosity. However, the composition of proteins is influenced by several factors such as environmental conditions, wheat genotype, and crop husbandry practices, including nitrogen (N) fertilization. Although N fertilization can be readily adjusted, inefficient application leads to high production costs and negative environmental consequences through water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. In contrast, biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) is an attractive option for sustainable agriculture, whereby legumes in association with soil rhizobia fix atmospheric nitrogen that subsequent plants can use. Therefore, legume-wheat crop rotation may positively impact wheat grain yield, protein content and composition. Although the positive impacts of legume crop rotations on wheat proteins have been documented, limited knowledge exists about their mechanisms and effects on wheat protein composition and dough rheology. Furthermore, the potential impact of N fertilization or in combination with a legume crop rotation management on protein quality and dough rheology warrants investigation. This study aims to quantify the effect of different legumes (i.e., faba bean, chickpea, vetch, lupin, etc.) crop rotations, wheat genotype, environmental conditions, and soil properties, on wheat protein composition and dough rheological properties.
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Publication statusPublished - 27 Sept 2023
Event73rd Australasian Grain Science Association Annual Conference 2023 - CQ University, Rockhampton, Australia
Duration: 26 Sept 202329 Sept 2023
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Conference73rd Australasian Grain Science Association Annual Conference 2023
Abbreviated titleGrain Crops and Sustainable Food Systems
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