Inspiring Year 8 boys to become adventurous readers through engagement with divers stories.

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In Semester 2, 2018, 14 Year 8 boys took part in
a reading challenge as part of an action research
project. This researcher participated in the action
research project initiated by the International
Boys’ School Coalition (IBSC) on the theme Boys
and Stories: Pathways to Learning, curious to see
if engaging in a diverse range of stories could
encourage boys to become adventurous readers. The
boys were expected to read books from genres and
formats they were not familiar with, selecting from a
list of themes, genres and formats. Throughout the
challenge, the boys completed video and written
journals, responded to surveys and participated in
interviews. These data were transcribed, coded and
categorised. The results suggest offering choice
and a wide variety of reading materials, along with
frontloading opportunities to familiarise readers
with themes, formats and genres, help to develop
adventurous readers.
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Publication statusPublished - 01 Mar 2020


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