Inventing, innovating and investing: Biographical notes about the French inventor Stanislas Tranquille Modeste Sorel (1798–1876)

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The following collection of biographical data of Stanislas Tranquille Modeste Sorel was compiled in the course of researching a number of academic papers related to galvanised iron and zinc-based paints.1

It should be stated from the outset, that this document is not intended as a considered and balanced biographical essay of Stanislas Sorel. Rather, it is a collage of fully referenced biographical information which was compiled in the course of research for the three academic papers with the aim of being able to be referred to for raw as well as meta data. For example, in order to fully understand the breadth of the man’s interest, it was necessary to attempt a compilation the various patents that Sorel had obtained (Table 5–Table 7) and to be able to demonstrate their chronological spread (Fig. 7–Fig. 8)—yet reproducing that level of detail in the other publications would have been disruptive to the flow of the arguments.

In the absence of personal and company archives, the research presented here draws heavily on a systematic survey of the various nineteenth century French publications, which was enabled by perusal of the Gallica on-line library provided by the Bibliotheque national de France. 2 The principal data that could be drawn on are patent records as published in the Bulletin des Lois du Royaume de France, 3 mentions of company registrations in the Gazette des Tribuneaux, listings invarious address books and notifications in the Bulletin de la Société d'Encouragement pour l'Industrie Nationale, as well as commentary in the reports on the various national French industry exhibitions, which were held every five years in Paris. 4
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