Higher Degrees of Research particularly in science have a well structured framework on how they can be completed, and this is reflective of Western approaches. The ‘traditional’ Western method is usually seen as completing a dissertation or thesis, but other methods can be used to communicate research findings. This PhD will challenge this Western approach by using Indigenous methodologies and science as the foundation for understanding and researching the ecology of Koalas and Eucalyptus.


ConferenceDocFest 2023 Graduate Research Conference
CityWagga Wagga
OtherAs researchers we evolve over time - we learn new skills, broaden our thinking, and expand our horizons and networks.

The world in which we work is also evolving - in some ways we are more connected than ever and in others more disconnected, and the global challenges we face are many. Just as academic employment opportunities are becoming more limited and increasingly precarious, the opportunities outside of academia are growing and the skills you develop as researchers are more in-demand by industry, business, and the not for profit and public sectors than ever before.

At DocFest23 we explored how we as researchers can evolve to meet these challenges and much more!
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