Lapin Laroux

Jeanette Thompson

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    Title of Work: Lapin Laroux Reference: Thompson, J. (2005). Lapin Laroux. In D. Gilbey (Ed.), fourWsixteen: New poetry and prose (pp. 132-139).Wagga Wagga, NSW: fourWpress. 0-9586759-2-9 Research Background: This short story is set in rural Canada and explores themes of environmental sustainability, the cruelty but necessity of killing as part of farm life and a young woman's struggle for economic and emotional independence from her mother. Research Contribution: The story brings to the Australian reading audience an insight into French Canadian rural life and the universal challenges of establishing economic and emotional self sufficiency. Research Significance: Four W is one of the few literary anthologies that have survived to publish both prose and poetry for a national audience. The excellence of quality is evident in the authors represented in the pages of this edition (Les Wicks, Michael Crane, Geoff Page, Pat Skinner). Submissions are blind reviewed by a panel of writers and only a small number (10%) of the hundreds of poems and short stories received are published. The journal is supported by the NSW Ministry for the Arts, The Australia Council for the Arts and Charles Sturt University. The Faculty of Arts, CSU, offers a Booranga Prize each year for the best poetry and prose. Publication in a peer reviewed literary journal of this standard and longevity is a significant outcome.As part of the Charles Sturt University Course Plan, staff is encouraged to 'consolidate the profile of disciplines and fields of study in order to improve the depth of staffing and resources.' Creative arts practice, as a research and teaching strength of my professional profile, is important to the teaching of literacy and literature subjects within the School of Education. It is important to teach writing skills from the perspective of a practitioner.
    Original languageEnglish
    Type1 x 8 page short story in peer reviewed anthology
    PublisherFourW Press
    Number of pages8
    Place of PublicationWagga Wagga, NSW, Australia
    ISBN (Print)958675929
    Publication statusPublished - 2005

    Publication series

    NamefourW sixteen: new writing


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