Learning without Frontiers: School libraries and meta-literacy in action

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Since their establishment school libraries have been instrumental in language and writing, showcasing and empowering the best in good reading and research immersion for their students. Now the best minds on our planet are suggesting that the Internet and the technology tools it has spawned will continue to be arguably the most influential invention of our time. With the maturation of the web we now use and interpret multiple kinds of literacy which are embedded in multimodal texts. Because of it we have found ourselves in the midst of highly dynamic and dramatically changing literacy learning landscapes ' new frontiers populated by a plethora of mind matters as diverse as Alice in Wonderland, Angry Birds, Audioboo and Augmented Reality.So you think you can curate resources, nurture literacy and teach in this new information ecology? Don your dark glasses and be prepared for the ride of your (professional) life in Learning without frontiers. This presentation will explore how teacher librarians can bind together teaching, emerging technologies, and the growing number of literacies to promote information-rich meta-literacy media environments suitable for 21st century school libraries.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2011
EventAustralian School Library Association (ASLA) Conference - Sydney, Australia
Duration: 02 Oct 201105 Oct 2011


ConferenceAustralian School Library Association (ASLA) Conference


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