Lessons from the workplace: Selecting appropriate communication media for context

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Agricultural researchers collaborating in international research projects work in very complex communication spaces that face many personal, institutional and international barriers in communication between team members. These can be exacerbated by the software and hardware used for communication between collaborators. I present a tool developed from barriers and needs identified by researchers that could help organisations and research managers in supporting appropriate online communication media for international research teams.


ConferencePRIA 2023 Research Symposium
OtherAt this year’s PRIA Research Symposium, we ask how will PR and communication professionals work to support and guide the communities, businesses, organisations and society it serves through these unprecedented times of change? How does the industry need to respond to the opportunity and ride the wave of momentum? How do we turn to new ways of thinking, build valuable insights, and practical tools to drive a positive and powerful impact in the world and harness its superpowers for good? What are the trends and innovations we need to pay close attention to? How do we harness disruption and enhance creativity and innovation? What are the best practices we need to share to ensure the profession is moving in a positive direction for the future?
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