Live, learn, love: The path to your prowess

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    Do you value who you are? Do you have a fulfilled life, loving relationships and a great career? Are you frustrated, disillusioned, or tired of being exploited? How committed are you to you? Invest in yourself and discover how your priceless gifts and talents can change the world. You can have it all! Dr Kogi Naidoo is a devoted mother, wife, and author who has inspired thousands to live their greatest lives. In Live, Learn, Love! Kogi shares the best of her experiences with you. You'll learn how her Tapping Talents techniques will motivate those in your life as well. By putting this simple three-step guide to work for your life, relationships, and career, you'll find ways to ignite your spirit and bring out your inner power, living your life on purpose, and leave your legacy. Never doubt that you can inspire everyone in your life! Dr Kogi Naidoo invites you to laugh with her, cry with her, and grow with her. Her stories are amusing, entertaining, and emboldening. They reveal that we are all courageous, authentic, risky, energised, resilient, and successful - some of us just haven't taken hold of these qualities yet! Time is precious. So what will you do to make every moment count? Live your life on purpose and make a difference!
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationUnited States
    PublisherBalboa Press
    Number of pages228
    ISBN (Print)9781452506845
    Publication statusPublished - 2012

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