Looking for rural Idyll 'Down Under': International immigrants in rural Australia

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This article outlines the empirical findings of the first national longitudinal study of almost 1,000 recent immigrants who decided to move to non-metropolitan Australia. The national survey (2008-2010) identified that new international immigrants tend to move to rural areas because of the natural beauty, lifestyle and community spirit to be found there, as well as the idyllic image of peacefulness and a relaxing environment associated with these areas. Natural attractors, such as rurality and climate, were important features of the places which, according to the survey, were particularly liked. However, there is tension between the imagined Australian rural ideal and reality, with remoteness, isolation and parochialism being the key features in how the countryside may be misrepresented. The retention of new immigrants in rural places is very strongly related to constructed attractors ' the availability and quality of infrastructure, as well as recreational, entertainment and cultural activities
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JournalInternational Migration
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Early online date2014
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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