Looking for transcendental information in the context of serious leisure

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This presentation is a part of my current research program about Human Information Behaviour (HIB) in the context of Serious Leisure Practice (SLP). In this work-in-progress report I present my early findings about the dynamic nature of information in SLP and how it fundamentally differs from other forms of information, such as orienting and practical information, in daily life and workplace settings. Then I introduce the concept of ‘Transcendental Information’ as a new term to explain the value of information beyond everyday life. A review of literature indicates most scholars in information science define ‘information’ as either a tool for problem solving or a source for satisfying basic needs. Nonetheless, this is not the whole story and just depicts a partial picture of a larger horizon. In many arenas of life, such as Serious Leisure, people do not seek, collect or share information to necessarily solve a problem or satisfy an urgent need. They look for information to truly enjoy a hobby or participate in an entirely volunteer activity. They also do not always need information for themselves. They usually pursue information to generously share it with their peers in a community of interest (e.g. stamp collectors, bird watchers or genealogists).

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