Lost and Found

Daniel Aubin, Phoebe Lane

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    The project Lost and Found was a 50-minute educational Children's Show devised specifically for the NSW Primary Schools Syllabus that toured to 10 regional schools in Central West NSW. Through a unique blend of physical theatre, storytelling, circus and music this show inquired into the use of David Wood's (1999) concept of 'Suddenlies' in theatre making and performing for children. Themes of memory loss and intergenerational relationships drove a creative process that allowed the directors and performers to inquire into the different uses of 'Suddenlies'.Research Background In Theatre for children, David Wood (1999) presents a model for engaging young audiences. The creation of Lost and Found provided an extended studio research period followed by a performance season ideal to test and reflect on further discoveries into the use of 'Suddenlies'. Research Contribution This work explores Woods labelled 'Suddenlies' as well as inquiring into what others can be discovered and named during the studio research process. Research Significance The main discovery from this project was that 'Suddenlies' not only manifest as a performative moment and a directing tool but are also an effective feedback loop from the audience while developing new theatre for young people. Questions about the use of 'Suddenlies' in adult theatre naturally arise from this work and would offer rich inquiry in the future. References:Wood, D., & Grant, J. (1999). Theatre for Children: A Guide to Writing, Adapting, Directing, and Acting. Chicago: Ivan R. Dee.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationCSU and Primary Schools in Central West NSW
    PublisherCSU / Cycle productions / Schools
    SizeDirection & conceptualisation of 50-minute educational show
    Publication statusPublished - 2012
    EventLost and Found How can 'Suddenlies¿ be used in Theatre for Young People -
    Duration: 04 Jun 201208 Jun 2012


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