'Making the Invisible Visible' in Practice and Education

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Challenging social constructions, barriers and blockages to social inclusion, social cohesion, social justice, diversity and human rights is essential social work. This paper will present a combined industry and academia research initiative undertaken by three social workers. It is an auto-ethnographic exploration into society’s norms about deserving or undeserving – using the example of hidden disability. The purpose of the research is to question the current societal perceptions of disability and to focus on the constructs of 'you must see a disability to have it' or 'I walk and talk therefore I must be OK'. Such challenges need to be underpinned by evidence based arguments, critical thinking and theoretically informed practice. With reference to the authors’ experiences, this presentation considers how society acknowledges and responds to diagnosed hidden disabilities. The authors will share insights on how we might advance beyond reflecting on social justice and social inclusion, by inviting educators, practitioners and others to question and change perceptions of hidden disability within all social welfare environments.
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Publication statusPublished - 2016
EventANZSWWER Symposium 2016 - James Cook University, Townsville, Australia
Duration: 29 Sept 201630 Sept 2016
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ConferenceANZSWWER Symposium 2016
Abbreviated titleAdvancing our Critical Edge in Social Welfare Education, Research and Practice
OtherThe Australia and New Zealand Social Work and Welfare Education and Research (ANZSWWER) symposium will be held in Townsville in 2016. In an environment where change is the only constant, a focus on advancing our critical edge in social welfare education, research and practice is essential. This Symposium will create spaces to explore the impact of conservative policies and contexts on critical social welfare education and practice, explore issues that challenge social work and welfare practice and education, and envision future directions for the social work and welfare professions.
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