Managing the risk of a rabies incursion in Papua New Guinea and northern Australia: Phase 3 report

Michael P. Ward, Victoria Brookes

Research output: Book/ReportResearch report not released to public


Phase 3 of the project, 'Managing the risk of a rabies incursion in Papua New Guinea and northern Australia,' comprises three objectives:
1. Provide information about rabies spread in wild dogs within the Northern Peninsula Area, Queensland (Part I).
(a) Estimate contact rates between domestic community dogs and wild dogs and
the probability of rabies spread from domestic dogs into wild dog populations (Part I).
(b) Describe the likely outcomes of a rabies incursion in the wild dog population
(Part I).
(c) Provide recommendations on a surveillance strategy to detect rabies infection
in wild dogs, in the event of an incursion in domestic community dogs (Part I).
2. Operationalise current model of rabies spread in domestic dogs for use by DAWR (Part II).
3. Estimate range of domestic dog movements in PNG Treaty Villages to parameterise the domestic dog rabies-spread model in PNG, dependent on data collection by DAWR (Part III).
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversity of Sydney
Commissioning bodyDepartment of Agriculture and Water Resources
Number of pages75
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2018


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