The material culture of the German nuclear industry III: Industry marketing materials

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This study forms part of a project that examines the tangible and social cultural heritage of the German nuclear power industry. [1-5] This document will catalogue and visually document the material culture of marketing and promotional items distributed by the various German nuclear power plants. As most of these items are either utility objects (e. g. bottle openers) or consumables (e. g. books of matches, telephone cards), the majority of the objects have not survived. A possible exception are telephone calling cards, for which a collectors’ market existed in the later 1990s. [6] Those that have survived, often derive from object specific collections (e. g. from collectors of matchboxes or telephone cards). The objects catalogued and depicted here have been sourced from online auction houses (in particular eBay Germany and eBay Kleinanzeigen), either in physical form (the majority) or as images of past listings. While primarily focussed on items distributed by the German nuclear industry, this document is augmented by some non-German items if they are relevant for context.
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PublisherInstitute of Land Water and Society
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 2021

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