Mindful collections: Purposeful ePortfolios planned across an undergraduate degree

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ePortfolios are becoming more valued as the bridge between higher education and employment in a profession. Professional bodies and prospective employers are beginning to demand more detailed documentation of experiences, skills, and learning, as pre-service professionals vie for limited positions in the workplace. This chapter provides an example of an undergraduate pre-service teaching degree program that proposes a model for effective design and accumulation of artefacts for inclusion in an ePortfolio. At each stage of the degree program the ePortfolio assessment task requires thoughtfully planned combination of four main ePortfolio purposes: Reflection, Development, Assessment, and Showcase. The various ePortfolio assessment tasks are designed to record and demonstrate a different aspect of professional learning, and a wide range of professional teaching attributes and skills. At the conclusion of the 4-year program pre-service professionals are able to assemble convincing arguments for employment by ‘showcasing’ their achievements in professional practice, development of knowledge, and accrued skills, along with the ability to deeply reflect on professional teaching dilemmas and daily practice. The tasks that enable accumulation of artefacts for the ePortfolio are explained, and examples are provided to demonstrate a successful model of a student ePortfolio. The model is adaptable to other professional degree programs as it encourages a beginning professional to have an appropriate collection of artefacts from which to select and confidently demonstrate preparedness for employment in today’s competitive workplace market.
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Publication statusPublished - 2017


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