Modelling the contributions to community in indigenous community owned and co-operative enterprises in Australia

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Encouraging the development of Indigenous enterprises is recognised internationally as a critical strategy for enhancing well-being in Indigenous communities (Anderson 2002, Peredo and Chrisman 2006, Fuller et al. 2002). However, less well understood is the contribution to communities by Indigenous community-owned enterprises and co-operatives. In order to identify what factors may influence the success and outcomes generated by Indigenous co-operative and community owned enterprises we collected the data from a sample of 68 Indigenous community owned and co-operative businesses, located across Australia.


ConferenceICA2018 International Cooperative Alliance European Research Conference
Abbreviated titleInnovation in enterprise and community
OtherThe key questions to be discussed at the ICA2018 Research Conference relate to innovation in enterprise and community. For the sustainability and resilience of the cooperative model, innovation is paramount. Which internal and external factors provide the fertile ground for such innovation? What are the key success factors for continuous (or renewed) member commitment and stakeholder legitimacy?
The conference will deal with all kinds of cooperatives, from different sectors and different countries and in different stages of the life cycle. This will lead to challenging and surprising new ideas and relations. Special attention will be paid to 200 years Raiffeisen.
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