Moving beyond borders with the Culturally Responsive Teamwork Framework (CRTF)

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Background: Capitalising on the strengths of the cultural profiles within our workplace teams is critical to the success of our therapeutic relationships and client outcomes. Similarities and differences in our clients’ beliefs, attitudes and cultural affiliations, and whether they are in harmony with our own and those of our colleagues, can implicitly or explicitly direct the success of the interactions in our teams. Consequently, as practitioners we need culturally responsive strategies to critically reflect on teamwork and respectfully challenge the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour within our teams.
Aim: To develop a framework for critically reflecting on culturally responsive teamwork.
Method: This three-stage translational research involved (1) reviewing literature of culturally responsive practice and interprofessional collaboration, (2) thematic analysis of individual, team, and organizational behaviours that influence inter-cultural teamwork, and (3) critical reflection by researchers with cross-cultural experience and research across six continents.
Results: The Culturally Responsive Teamwork Framework (CRTF) is a practical workplace tool that describes four key areas for critically reflecting on practices that are: (1) intra-personal, (2) inter-personal, (3) intra-professional, and (4) inter-professional. Opportunities and strategies for enacting each of these four aspects of the framework are presented.
Conclusion: The CRTF is a tool for clinicians to promote principles of evidence-based practice and social justice. The CRTF may be used by clinicians to promote culturally responsive individual and teamwork practices in the workplace and to challenge discriminatory behaviour.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2021
EventSpeech Pathology Australia National Conference: Beyond Borders - Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, Melbourne, Australia
Duration: 22 May 202225 May 2022


ConferenceSpeech Pathology Australia National Conference
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