Newtons Nation Outside Broadcast / Webcast

Dave Keam, Patrick Sproule

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    This project researched the application of new, low cost technologies to enable a high-definition live international broadcast of a major sporting event. Innovations included the application of emerging long-range, low cost, wireless data transmission technologies utilised in transferring high-bandwidth digital video. Further it explored the nexus between programming content and immediate viewer feedback via the (then) new Youtube Live channel functions. The project involved the broadcast of the international Downhill Luge, Skateboard and freestyle championships at Mt Panorama, Bathurst NSW. This location provides significan challenges for low-cost video production including highly mountainous terrain, long-distance remote camera deployment, and long range data telephony. The project required significant pre-production research into cable transmission lengths, fibre optic video transmission, long-range wireless data links and medium range video data links. The event , held 27th to 29th April 2012 utilised the Charles Sturt outside broadcast facility operated with a crew of twenty staff and students. Working in conjunction with a Youtube content provider (Skuff TV) we were able to deliver three continuous days of High-Definition video content to over 22,000 international viewers and set a precedent for low-cost delivery of such a significant event. Utilising emerging low-cost wireless data link technologies we were able to replicate the transmission paths utilised by high-end broadcasters at a fraction of the cost. Total cost for the operation was $6,000 whilst previous quotations were in excess of $45,000. The knowledge and experience provided by this event has now flowed into other productions where we have been able to now provide international live audiences to once only regional events an minimal extra cost.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationInternet
    PublisherSkuff TV
    Publication statusPublished - 2012


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